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Womens Burning Man Outfit: Style Ideas + What To Wear In 2023

What To Wear To Burning Man?

  • The first rule: There are no rules. This is a no holds barred event in the style department.
  • Embrace the real you, and let your personality shine: Choose items that have some reflection on your interests, or you as a person.
  • Consider function: Simple. You’ll have more festival fun if your clothes are comfortable.
  • Find a statement piece: Splurge on a favorite accessory that’s a show stopper. Then use it as a jumping off point to guide the rest of your look.
  • Find backup pieces that integrate with your look: Have multiple basic wardrobe items that mix well with your accessories, so you can switch out (or trash!) dirty articles but maintain a coordinated look.
  • Leave something to the imagination. After all, intrigue is magnetic.

Burning man is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year, so it’s no wonder that people spend so much energy on their attire options and outfit planning.

In the months leading up to the event, you might even host a Burning man theme party for your crew! This will give you a chance to plan festival logistics, browse outfit options, discuss what to wear, and build energy as you anticipate the live event. A little planning goes a long way, and the anticipation of the trip is half the fun. Soak it in!

We’ve rounded up some incredible Womens Burning Man outfit options for you – with a wide range of statement accessories to help inspire your own style tangents. So dive in, and set your ‘typical’ fashion boundaries on fire… pun intended.

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Best Womens Burning Man Outfit Ideas For 2023

2023’s The Burning Man theme of ANIMALIA plays a part in our selections.

Black Feathered Wings

Black Angel Wings Costume Set

These wings have a 27″ wing span, and are beautiful to look at. You’re sure to turn heads.

The feathers are a nod to this year’s ANIMALIA theme.

Gold Lace Body Chains

Incredibly beautiful, yet budget-friendly body chains will give you an ultra feminine festival vibe.

Pair with larger gold accessories and nude under garments to give it your look’s center stage.

White Feather Mini Skirt

Natural texture via feathers will add depth to your Burning Man look, without breaking the bank.

Available in sizing from S – XL, and with multiple feather color options.

Faux Fur Cuffs

Attention grabbing and comfortable, these arm cuffs could also be worn on your ankles.

They’re made with a liner, to keep them from being too itchy, and they’re likely to get noticed, without getting in your way. Available in multiple colors.

Floral Headband / Wreath Crown

Earthy good girl vibes, here. This is designed as a head piece but could easily be worn around the neck or affixed to a belt.

The sky is the limit, and there’s a vast array of options with different color schemes.

Black Glitter Bunny Mask

Black Glitter Bunny Costume Mask

These wings have a 27″ wing span, and are beautiful to look at. You’re sure to turn heads.

The feathers are a nod to this year’s ANIMALIA theme.

Gold Halo Headpiece

This golden headpiece is a high-impact but easy way to change up your Burning Man look mid-festival.

It goes with nearly anything, and will help conceal not-so-fresh hair that’s a few days into the festival grime.

Green Dragon Harness

Channel your inner reptile with this scale covered harness.

A statement piece that will surely be central to your festival outfit, with endless ways to style around it for a finished look that’s uniquely yours.

Gold Rhinestone Bikini Top

Along the lines of a body chain, but it’s a bikini top.

Sturdy enough for an all out party, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Acid Washed Crop Denim Silver Fringe Top

Adorned with shiny silver fringe, this crop denim piece will give you a bit of warmth at Burning man, for a functional but stylish option.

Wear it open over a mini skirt or dress and pair with oversized statement jewelry or headdress.

Feather + Sequin Choker Shawl

Feathers, sequins and a goth vibe unite.

For a man or a woman, this comes in multiple colors and will be the most memorable choker you’ve ever worn. Festival worth, for sure.

Sequin Mini Dress

Flashy, but basic. This is a great piece to change up your mid-festival attire and then go lavish with your accessorizing.

Forgiving fit, with festival worthy vibes… but the price won’t leave you feeling guilty about trashing it at the end of the night.

Glowing Fur Trim LED Statement Vest

You’ll be easy to spot in the dark of night, but the color of this fur trimmed festival vest/jacket changes to your liking.

Switch up the LED light up colors with changable settings, for an easy way to go-between looks.

Women’s Deer Fawn Suit

Deer Fawn Costume for Women

An irresistible fawn in human form.

Fully taking advantage of this year’s ANIMALIA theme, this full body suit is an easy way to stay warm while looking the part.

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