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Home » Best Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters: 14 Of The Ugliest Holiday Options!

Best Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters: 14 Of The Ugliest Holiday Options!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties (or Ugly Holiday Sweater Parties) have become a fixture on the Holiday party scene.

Not only are you likely to have friends that host these occasions… but companies in the corporate world are increasingly using this festive theme to lighten the mood at otherwise stuffy company events.

With any one of these, you’ll be competing for a podium finish at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party; whether it’s a boozy event at your friend’s house, or the company holiday party! We think these are the best mens ugly Christmas sweaters on the web. And if you don’t like the options here, check out these ugly Christmas sweater vests for men!

So go on… be the ugliest! We dare you!

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We’ve Divided Our Top Contenders Into Categories: Funny, Inappropriate, and Just Plain Ugly…

There are a lot of directions you can go with an Ugly Sweater theme – and the selections below cover them all. However, only the best Mens ugly Christmas sweaters made the cut for this list!

If you’re considering making it a family affair…we also tracked down the ugliest holiday sweaters for kids, too!

Best Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters – FUNNY

Merry Christmas Tree Hood Ugly Sweater

This one takes it to the next level with the Xmas Tree hood feature.

The ugly vibes are strong.

Baby Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweater

This one’s probably best kept out of the corporate party… but is sure to be a hit at your friend’s ugly Christmas sweater bash!

Baby Jesus in a baby Bjorn on a sweater? You win.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Beer Sweater

This one’s for you party-people.

If you have to keep things PC at the company party, this one will still show your spirit for the season.

Bonus points if you have an actual beer belly.

Krampus Reigns Creepy Knit Sweater

If you’re hoping to scare the kids… this one is for you.

And just in case you don’t know who Krampus is… just imagine a part-goat, part demonic monster who tortures naughty kids at Christmas time.

So yeah, we think Krampus deserves a spot on the podium. Especially in knit form.

Believe In Miracles Ugly Christmas Sweater

Not so popular with the religious folks… this sweater compares Santa and the big birthday boy.

As long as you can pull it off with humor, they’ll probably let it slide.

Fugly Hooded Mens Reindeer Sweater

We’re not gonna lie. You might get punched wearing this.

Maybe leave the hood down on your way to the party.

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Men – INAPPROPRIATE

When I Think About You I Touch My Elf

It’s so wrong, it’s right.

Might want to save this one for your friend’s party, (as opposed to the corporate one). Unless you want a meeting with HR.

Mens ‘I Have A Big Package For You’ Sweater

Nobody will be able to keep a straight face when they read this sweater.

I’m thinking you should keep your package to yourself until at least halfway through the party.

Mens Bad Tattoos + Nipple Ornaments Sweater

Only a mother could love the face that goes along with this bod.

Thankfully, it’s just a 3d print.

Best Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters – JUST PLAIN UGLY

Rainbow Sequins Meet Plaid Ugly Sweater

A truly ugly option… this one has both rainbow sequins AND holiday plaid. Barf.

It’s definitely going to get you noticed.

Unisex T-Rex (That Rhymes!) Ugly Sweater

You could really get into character with the T-rex theme of this option.

Hold your cocktail close, and grab those appetizer with your best t-rex arms.

Cat + Llama Mens Ugly Christmas Sweater

Somehow, a cute cat and llama are just ugly here.

There’s a lot going on here. And none of it’s good.

Reindeer In A Wreath Ugly Christmas Sweater For Men

I truly can’t imagine a less attractive sweater.

When your sweater is meant to look like a brick wall, you know it’s ugly.

Garland Wrapped Men’s Ugly Xmas Sweater

When you look like a giant xmas tree, you’re sure not to be missed.

This one is all wrapped up in garland and complete with festive ball ornaments. Yikes.

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