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Ugly Holiday Groms: Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater Options For Littles

If you find yourself headed to a holiday party with the family in tow, a kids ugly Christmas sweater is sure to be a hit (whether it’s an ugly sweater party or not!).

There’s something about seeing the angelic, innocent face of a young child in an ugly Christmas sweater that pleases the masses. If you’re looking for a multi-occasion holiday option for the kiddo/s, we think you’ll be glad you landed here!

And don’t worry… if you need to find a little something for yourself (perhaps an ugly sweater dress or even better… an ugly sweater vest), you might want to check out our ugly sweater roundup for men!

It doesn’t have to be an ugly sweater contest for kids to don these delightfully awful duds… and it’s sure to make for some funny memories, and great holiday photos too.

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Scroll On For The Best Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater Options This Side Of New Year’s.

Take a look at our roundup of truly awful, ugly and guaranteed cringe-worth Ugly Christmas sweaters for kids. We’re pretty sure you’ll find one you can’t live without. You’re welcome.

If You’re In A Hurry, Here Our Our Top 3 Faves:

1. Holly Chomping Llama Kids Ugly Xmas Sweater

Safe to say, this ugly knit sweater will get both a cringe and a laugh.

This one is available in sizes best for your elementary school aged kiddos, and there are several other designs to choose from! We just thought this was the ugliest.

2. Little Holiday Elf Ugly Sweater For Girls

Her cute little face will make this ugly sweater not-so-ugly.

But you’ll get points for trying, and your photos will be adorbs.

3. Dinosaur Antler Ugly Christmas Sweater For Kids

This dinosaur has antlers, and you can have one too… to match your little grom!

Available in sizing for the whole family (even babies!)

4. Mandalorian Star Wars Themed Ugly Christmas Shirt For Kids

It’s not a sweater, but this will suffice for the Ugly Christmas party and your kiddo can wear it to school, too!

And if you’re into matching, there are adult sizes with the same theme.

5. Holiday Tuxedo Themed Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt For Kids

It’s perhaps the ugliest of all our options.

It might even be Ugly Christmas sweater podium-worthy… this one ranges in sizes from toddler to teen!

6. Paused My Game To Be Here Christmas Sweatshirt For Gamer Kids

Perfect for tweens, this gamer themed ugly holiday sweatshirt is funny at the Christmas party and beyond.

It’s sure to get a chuckle, because it’s so true.

7. Star Wars Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater

We know you Star Wars junkies will appreciate this holiday sweater for the Ugly Christmas party. They make it in all sizes, so you might even be able to match your little guy or gal!

It’s not pretty, but isn’t that the point?

8. Throwback Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Youth Ugly Christmas Sweater

More of a sweatshirt than a sweater, but this throwback to Dad’s era will be a party pleaser.

Toddler sizing.

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