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About Theme Party Animal

How It Started

Theme Party Animal was born after the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, when so many festive occasions and reasons to celebrate were missed by so many.

The Mission

There’s never been a time in recent history when an excuse to gather your favorite people for some laughs and good fun is more welcome… especially for all of us who sorely missed our parties and holiday traditions for the past couple of years!

And so, we have dedicated our efforts to making Theme Parties a cinch. Whether you’re hosting, attending, or just need to find the perfect gift or inspiration for your event… has you covered!

We can’t think of a more worthy cause, than helping people find excuses to gather the ones they love. Party on!

Post-pandemic, there’s no greater cause than providing people with a resource that helps them gather the ones they love. We hope Theme Party Animal inspires folks to pick a theme, and set a date for some old fashioned, in-person fun.