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Best Mens Ugly Christmas Sweater Vests: 9 Laugh Out Loud Options

If you find yourself on the hunt for an Ugly Christmas Sweater yet again this year, maybe the time has come to mix things up. Might we suggest turning to a Mens Ugly Christmas Vest… I mean, vests are DEFINITELY uglier than sweaters.

With so many reasons to love the holiday season, it seems easy to find an excuse to throw a party. And Ugly Christmas Sweater themed events seem to have found a place amongst the traditional White Elephant parties and Favorite Things gatherings. We’ve rounded up the very best men’s ugly Christmas sweater vests for your holiday pleasure!

Ugly Christmas Parties don’t seem to be going anywhere.

These ridiculous festivities usually involve wearing an outlandish Christmas-themed sweater (whether you like it or not). It can include designs that you’ve selected and purchased, or even ones you’ve custom designed and created yourself!

It’s really not about looking ridiculous… it’s also celebrating the opportunity to get silly, give everyone a laugh, and soak up a little extra Christmas cheer. Despite being ugly in appearance, these sweaters bring out the beauty in all of us during the best time of year.

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Gather Round For The Best + Ugliest Of The Men’s Christmas Sweater Vests This Side Of New Year’s.

Take a look at our roundup of truly awful, ugly and guaranteed cringe-worth Ugly Christmas Vests. We’re pretty sure you’ll find an ugly option that suits your needs. We dare you to find an uglier vest than those on this ‘best of’ round up!

Best Mens Ugly Christmas Sweater Vests: The Official Round-Up

1. Jesus Is The Birthday Boy Sweater Vest

Safe to say, this traditional holiday style vest has an unexpected holiday message.

It looks like a typical Holiday sweater at first glance, but it’ll get more than one chuckle at your gathering, for sure.

2. Sad Gingerbread Boy Vest

That’s the way the cookie crumbles, as they say.

This gingerbread boy is falling apart. Just like your style.

3. Meow Santa Vert Shirt Hoodie

We’re pretty sure your muscles aren’t as big as this guy’s.

And we feel equally confident that you’ll find this hoodie/sweathshirt vest even more ugly that the photo.

4. Hairy Chest & A Vest

Wait… it’s a tee-shirt right?

Nobody want to see this much skin over the holidays. You’re sure to make the whole room cringe. And then laugh.

5. Awful Holiday Suit Vest

It’s supposed to be a fancy suit vest. But it’s fugly.

The only thing that would be worse is if it were quilted. Yikes.

5. Men’s Festive Knitted Cardigan

Not exactly a vest, but we think a cardigan gets extra ugly points.

It’s like Mr. Rogers and your third grade teacher had a sweater baby.

6. Elves On Ladders Men’s Sweater Vest

We’re not sure why these elves are dropping candy canes and Christmas ornaments off of ladders.

But we’re sure it will score you points in the ugly department.

7. Long Sleeve Vest-Look Ugly Christmas Tee

This design was so bad, they couldn’t even waste the yarn… so they made it into a t-shirt.

This Christmas scene is like a bad patchwork quilt.

8. Elf Attire: Hoodie Meets Sweater Vest Pullover

If you ever wondered what it was like to be an elf…

It’s a truly gross sweater/hoodie/vest combo, this one.

9. Holiday Tree Tuxedo Style Vest

A vest to give your fellow party goers a shiver.

And not because it’s cold outside.

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