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Best Euphoria Party Outfits: Statement Pieces To Capture The ‘Euphoria’ Aesthetic

Headed To A Euphoria Party? Whether You’ve Seen The Show Or Not, You Probably Have An Idea Of This Popular Party Aesthetic.

Pull together the perfect Euphoria party outfit, with any of these statement items as your starting point. We’ll point you in the right direction, and from there… the sky’s the limit!

There’s a fine line between the over-the-top feeling Euphoria party theme, and taking your look into ‘tacky’ territory. But if you start with one of these statement items, your party look will be off to a great start!

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Best Euphoria Party Outfits For Her

Pick your party outfit statement item, and then pull together the rest of your look with items you already have.

These items pack a lot of punch for the price, and are sure to make you Euphoria party ready.

Short Sleeve See-Thru Mesh Stars Blouse

This star-gilded mesh blouse won’t leave much to the imagination, but maybe that’s what you’re going for.

Also available with larger star pattern and butterflies, for multiple on-theme selections!

Women’s Glitter Bodysuit

Women's Glitter Bodysuit

This iridescent bodysuit is glam, and will give you the right amount of shimmer to pair it with other wardrobe basics.

A statement item that you can easily layer with pieces you already own – for the perfect Euphoria party outfit!

Purple Sequin Halter Cocktail Top

With purple hues, this halter top is figure flattering, and will reflect light in all the right ways once the lights go down.

Available in several Euphoria-worthy hues, pair this top with some black light activated accessories to shine ‘Euphoria’ style.

Shein Bodycon Dress For Euphoria Party

Want to look the part, but let your accessories and face/body glitter do the talking when the lights go down?

This dress hits all the right vibes for a party-ready night, and you can take it to the next level with your glow gel. That means you can wear it again, for many occasions!

Silver Faux Leather Metallic Mini Skirt (Also Available In Pink / Purple Hues)

This party worthy mini skirt will be the wow-factor of your ensemble.

The metallic finish will catch the light, and make your outfit shine (without being tacky).

All Over Print Mesh Long Sleeve Top By Shein

The all-over print is in the perfect color combo for a Euphoric night out.

Pair with a flashy skirt or statement glow accessories to complete the outfit.

Pink/Purple Sleevless Dress With Cutout

Bare shoulders and stomach allow the perfect canvas for all your glow in the dark outfit details!

Also available in a chic pale pink and several other colors!

Best Euphoria Party Outfits For Guys

Alright, guys… you’ve got to dress the part, too. A little effort goes a long way in getting your party outfit right for this theme.

Take any of these staple items, and you’re well on your way to a spot-on look for party night!

Men’s Euphoria Worthy Metallic Zip Up Hoodie

This light-catching option is available in several metallic shades, and is a more subtle (yet theme appropriate) choice.

Layer over wardrobe basics for a Euphoria party outfit that won’t break the bank.

Men’s Silver Sequin Blazer For Euphoria Party

Suitmeister Sequins Silver Blazer

The price is right, and this blazer is all the right light-reflecting goodness.

Party ready in a snap, you can pair this with wardrobe basics that you already have on hand.

Men’s Sheer Mesh Glitter Long Sleeve Button Up Euphoria Shirt

Perfect for the Euphoria party, but probably doable for New Years as well.

It’s really the only piece you need to set the tone for the night.

Euphoria Themed Sequin Polo For Guys

The perfect shirt to nail the glitter/glam vibe you’re going for.

This men’s polo comes in multiple fabulous shimmery options, including black, silver, gray, purple and even stripes!

Black Glitter Mens Tee For Euphoria Aesthetic

It might not look like much until you’re under the lights. Then, it comes to life.

Super affordable, this slightly see-through option for the guys is spot-on for the party theme.

Men’s ‘Disco Ball’ Style Bomber Jacket

When we say this one is perfect for the Euphoria party aesthetic, we mean it!

Any attire will be completed by this chic and timeless jacket style – but this one’ll make you a human disco ball.

Best Euphoria Party Outfit Accessories

No Euphoria party outfit is complete without a bit of black light activated glitter and glow.

From body paint to shimmering tattoo decals, we’ve rounded up the best options for the affordable (and highly rated) light-out party effects you’re hoping for.

Glitter Body Get Multi-Color Set

With 12 color options to choose from, this body gel is sure to cover all the bases.

Everyone can share, and you all have a unique look.

Face Glitter Gel w/ Chunky Pieces For Glow Factor

This face gel is glittery and high impact!

Perfect as a body gel as well, you’ll have just the right amount to share with a friend.

Face Sequin Shimmer Gel

If you’re going for a smaller (less chunky) glitter effect, this shimmer gel is a great choice.

It’s eye catching, yet more subtle than the previous option.

Jeweled Face Tattoos

A 4-pack variety set, this affordable option can be shared, or used on face and body together!

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