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Euphoria Themed Party: Capture The Perfect Aesthetic For Your Event

The HBO hit series Euphoria has taken the party scene by storm. Euphoria themed party planners are taking this party theme and running with it!

It’s one of the most popular new party themes for young adults – from prom themes and 21st birthdays. Throwing a Euphoria themed party takes a certain eye for the aesthetic details, and we’re here to help you pull it off in style!

Despite dealing with tough themes, the show ‘Euphoria’ is ultimately an uplifting story about discovering and embracing who you are. The series also stands out with its unique visual and musical style, making for a captivating viewing experience that keeps viewers hooked episode after episode.

It’s no wonder that everyone is trying to re-create this party aesthetic! If you make some key selections from each of our party theme categories below, you’ll be well on your way to a most memorable Euphoria party!

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Large Decor / Backdrop Options

The first step in selecting Euphoria party decor is setting the overall mood and color scheme.

We’ll start with some options that will make a big impact in your space, without breaking the bank. These items will give your party the perfect high impact aethetic touches to give your guests alllll the Euphoria vibes.

Glitter Lights Dot Photo Backdrop For Euphoria Themed Party

Get fancy with this SERIOUSLY spot on backdrop of your Euphoria dreams.

As budget friendly as it gets – this is the perfect photo backdrop and will transform your space in all the right ways.

Light Purple Fringe Glitter Party Backdrop

When the lights go out, you want pink and purple hues to capture the perfect Euphoria aesthetic at your event.

This backdrop makes a huge impact at a low price, and will also double as a photo spot.

Iridescent Confetti Garland

Want to bring the Euphoria aesthetic into the middle of the room? Just hang this garland wherever your space needs a lift.

This garland will instantly transform your party space! Package includes 6 strands (each 10 feet long). Order two, and you can completely surround your party space with these!

Purple Glitter Photo Backdrop

At a whopping 5 ft. x 7 ft., this photo backdrop will take your party pix to the next level.

Glitter and confetti look with the perfect purple hue, this budget friendly backdrop is a great focal point for your Euphoria party decor.

Euphoria Themed Party Lighting

The right lighting is central to everything when you’re pulling together the essentials for a Euphoria theme. Without the right lighting accents, all your efforts will fall short.

The following are some great options for dialing in the party vibes you’re aiming for, without breaking the bank!

Blacklight, LED Sound-Activated Euphoria Party Lights (Set Of 2)

The price is right, and these are highly rated. Perfect for setting the lighting mood when the lights go out.

With several settings, these black lights not only illuminate all of your party-glow body paints and accessories… they also adapt to the mood, with the setting options (remote controlled, too!)

Clear Balloons w/ Glow In The Dark Dots

When highlighted by a blacklight, these balloons will offer just the right ambiance and fun in your space.

Hang them from the ceiling, fill them with helium and let them cover the ceiling… or just let them bounce around your party space. The options are endless!

Blacklight Bulb 3-Pack w/ Standard Base

Add additional party lighting in areas with these black light bulbs, using lamps or light fixtures you already have!

This 3-pack of black light bulbs will ensure you have enough hits of black light to fuel the party glow all night!

LED Balloon Lights – Pack Of 100

Just add these to your favorite balloons for a subtle glint of light wherever you place them!

Cluster glowing balloons anywhere you want a bit of extra mood lighting, or use them as an accent for your photo backdrop.

Metallic Latex Balloons w/ Coordinating Confetti Balloons (Over 40 pieces)

High quality latex balloons like these would do well with the LED balloon lights shown above.

Available in a variety of Euphoria-worthy color schemes, the metallic balloons in combination with the coordinating clear confetti style balloons will keep things interesting to the eye.

Acrylic LED Lit Cupcake Stand

Whether it’s cupcakes, party favors, or finger food, this LED stand will set the stage at the food table.

It’s likely to emit just the right amount of light for your guests to be able to see what’s on the food table… without killing your Euphoria party lighting game.

Euphoria Party Body Paint – Glitter + Glow Effects

These glowing body gels and glitters are a fun addition to your Euphoria themed party! Make them available to your guests, or purchase them to use if you’re attending a Euphoria party, so you’re sure to catch the light in all the right ways.

Black Light / Glow Body Glitter Gel Set For Euphoria Themed Party

With 12 different can’t miss glow colors, this body glitter set will make you seen in all the right ways.

There’s plenty to share, and the more the merrier when the lights go down, right?

Chunky Glow In The Dark Face Glitter Gel

Accent your cheek bones or eyes with this chunky style face glitter, that glows under black light.

At this price, you can buy multiple tubes and share with all your girls!

Face Sequin Shimmer Gel

A more subtle option, this glittery face gel doesn’t glow under black light, but the sequins and large enough to reflect any light for a truly unique sparkle.

When the light catches it right, it’ll be pure magic!

Rhinestone Glow-In-The-Dark Face + Body Tattoos

This 4-pack of face jewels will give you endless options for creating the Euphoria party look you’re after. Share them with friends, or use them on face and body… it’s up to you!

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