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Home » Best St Patricks Day Shirts: From Buttoned Up + Proper To Hilarious Party Tees

Best St Patricks Day Shirts: From Buttoned Up + Proper To Hilarious Party Tees

The luck of the Irish must be with you… because we’ve curated a list of the best St Patricks Day shirts! From party shirts to options you can wear to work… we’ve got you covered. In green.

17 Lucky St Patricks Day shirts to be exact.

These St Patrick’s Day Shirts range from collared to casual (and hilarious!), so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect party garb for your event among the options below.

The Irish take this holiday pretty seriously, so if you’ve got big St Patrick’s Day party plans, it might be time to ramp up your game in the clothing department. Start here, and reach for more than just the closest green item in your closet.

And if you want a St. Patrick’s Day party hat to go with your shirt… we’ve got you covered. Your head covered, that is. Want to level up your attire from a shirt to a costume? We’ve got those too.

Get ready for a laugh, because there are some seriously funny St Patricks Day shirts in the mix here… we dare you not to chuckle!

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17 Funny St Patrick’s Day Shirts… From Business Appropriate To Party Ready!

1. Ask Me About My Leprechaun Shirt

Whether you’ve got a six pack or a beer gut, this novelty St Patricks Day t-shirt is sure to make you the hit of the party.

Just be careful you don’t get sucker punched while your shirt’s over your head. Read the crowd, man.

2. Irish Flag Collared Shirt

This Irish flag themed button down is a fun spin on the typical St Paticks day attire.

Thankfully, it still has you pinch-protected, with it’s top third of green.

3. Bold Shamrock Print Button Down

If you’re looking to stand out on the party bus, this bold print should do the trick.

Built-in party trick… after a couple of Jamison shots, the shamrocks will start to move on their own.

4. Seven Leaf Clover T-Shirt

This humorous tee is sure to be a smash at your St. Patrick’s Day bash.

These might be fighting words for an Irishman, but 4 and 7 are both lucky in our book.

5. Shamrock Boob Tee

This funny shamrock boobie t-shirt comes in both Mens and Womens fit, and is big on Irish humor.

You (and the ladies) are sure to draw attention with your sham-rocking breasts.

6. Blue Shamrock Button Down

For a less gimmicky (but still St Paddy’s party ready) look, consider this shamrock collared shirt.

It’ll see you through the day… from the office, straight to the bar.

7. Lucky Charms T-Shirt

This vintage classic is a nod to your youth, and will be just the right dose of green for your bar crawl.

As long as you’re okay with people quoting the leprechaun from the 90s commercials all night… you’ll be fine. Someone might even ask if you’re magically delicious.

8. Cute Short Sleeve Shamrock Shirt

If you want to play it safe, this simple shamrock button up will suffice.

Simple, festive, and on-theme. I can hear Kevin McCallister saying, “A kid in my class got beat up for wearing something like that.” But whatever.

9. Hawaiian Print Style St Patricks Day Button Down

If a leprechaun threw up on a shirt, this is what it would look like.

What can we say? It’s as loud as you’ll be after a few green beers. The truth hurts.

10. Classic Plaid Long Sleeve For The Ladies

Play up the green in this plaid long sleeve that’s perfect for St Patrick’s Day, but can be worn throughout the year.

The price is right, too.

11. Lucky Rainbow St Patricks Womens Tee

It has a shamrock. It has a rainbow. It’s got all the shades of green covered.

Looking for the pot of gold? Maybe you’ll get lucky.

12. Barfing Leprechaun Shirt

This shirt is funny. And people like to laugh.

Just don’t you toss your cookies, too.

13. Funny Women’s Irish Costume-Shirt

It’s a costume-in-a-shirt. Why not kill two birds with one stone with these St Patricks Day shirts (that come in men’s and women’s options)?

For you lazy, last minute gals in the back.

14. Always Carry A Little Pot T-Shirt

Your friends already know that you’re always party-ready at a moment’s notice.

This shirt will let everyone else know. Caution: may attract new friends.

15. Erin Go Braughless Party Shirt


These hilarious St Patricks Day shirts are available for both men and women – in 2 shades of green.

You don’t have to free the girls underneath… but we guarantee you, the guys are gonna look twice!

16. Science Nerd Irish Elements St Patricks Day Shirt

Where the geeks and nerds at? St Patricks Day shirts don’t get much nerdier than this.

Bit of a nerd, eh? You might as well just embrace it… you’ll find ‘your people’ at the St. Patrick’s Day party faster this way.

17. Leprechaun Size Shorty Shirt

Good sense of humor required, no height complex allowed here. Nobody wants a fight.

But also, this would be funny on a kid, and it’s available in youth sizes!

If you didn’t find an option amongst these funny St Patricks Day shirts, we’re not sure you have a sense of humor. But really, if you have one that should appear in our list… tell us know about it!

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