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Best St Patricks Day Accessories: 10 Irresistible Ways To Level-Up Your Party Look

St. Patrick’s Day might be one of the most appropriate holidays to don your most ridiculous style. We’ve selected the St Patricks Day accessories that’ll make you the hit of the party.

Whether you’re headed to happy hour, a pub crawl, or you’ll be spending your evening on the party bus… we’re sure to make you a crowd favorite.

These laugh out loud accessories are well worth the price, because as everyone knows… laughter is priceless! On a boozy holiday like this, you’re sure to get loads of it.

Need more than just accessories? Not to worry. We have some over-the-top St. Patricks day outfit inspiration all rounded up for you as well!

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1. Belt-O-Beer – Funny St Patricks Day Accessories

Your friends won’t let you get far away, when you have this many beers at-the-ready!

With space for a half-dozen cans, you’re sure to make some new friends in a hurry on St. Patrick’s Day!

2. ‘Hold My Beer’ Clover Fanny Pack w/ Drink Holster

This hands free fanny pack will be your best friend when you need to set down your beer!

You’ll never lose track of which can is yours… and you’ll be hands-free to show off your best dance moves!

3. I Love Day Drinking Trucker Hat

If it’s a daytime occasion, this hat is the perfect accessory for your St. Paddy’s day look!

Sure to catch a few laughs, and you won’t get pinched.

4. Rainbow Suspenders w/ Pot Of Gold Drink Holster

If you’re wearing these suspenders on St Patricks Day, you don’t really need much else for your party look.

As a bonus… your beer holster/fanny pack combo should help keep you from losing things if you get carried away.

5. St Patricks Day Temporary Tattoos

Filled with great options, there are 50 individual tattoos in this set!

Apply on a cheek, or a shoulder to avoid pinches!

6. Green LED Light Up Cowboy Hat

You’ll be easy to spot on St Patricks Day with this blinky-light adorned cowboy hat!

And your friends can’t lose you in the dark if you stumble off the party bus!

7. St Patricks Day Lucky Shot Suspenders w/ 2 Shot Glass Holders

These lucky clover suspenders serve a greater purpose than just holding up your pants.

Jamison, anyone? We’re sure whoever is wearing these will be quick on the draw!

8. St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans Socks

I ‘clover’ shenanagins socks are a great way to add a splash of green to your getup.

High impact, and office-worthy, too!

9. Irish Green ‘Hairy’ Headband

On a cold March evening, this will play a dual purpose: it’s green, and it’ll keep your head warm!

The price is right, too.

10. Ladies St Patricks Day Fascinator Headband

High impact, and on-theme… this headband will be a statement part of your attire for St Paddy’s!

It’ll keep your hair out of your green beer, too.

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