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Funny Cinco De Mayo Shirts: 11 Hilarious Party Shirt Options

Among The More Booze-Filled Holiday Occasions, These Party Outfits + Accessories Will Get Loads Of Laughs On May The 5th

It doesn’t take much to please the crowd, when you’re wearing one of these items. If you ever wondered what to wear to a Cinco De Mayo party, wonder no more. This is the perfect occasion to go big on humor. These funny Cinco De Mayo Shirts are winners, and you will use them year after year. Ole!

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Funny Cinco De Mayo Shirts – For Men + Women

1. “Turn Down For What”, Por Que Tee

It’s a play on words… in Spanish. Available in multiple colors, these Cinco De Mayo shirts are a sure winner!

This laugh-out-loud t-shirt will win you points for humor at the Cinco De Mayo party. But, really, you can wear it anytime!

2. I Always Get Hit On Pinata Cinco De Mayo Shirts

I Mean… it’s funny. You Laughed.

Honestly, I’d be surprised if you don’t get a laugh out of everyone you meet. Comedy for the Cinco De Mayo party (or any day)!

3. Funny Fitness Taco / Cinco De Mayo Tee

Everyone will know you’re serious about tacos when you wear this shirt on Cinco De Mayo.

Available in multiple colors, men’s sizing.

4. Sombrero With Sunglasses + A ‘Stache Party Mask

Nobody will be able to keep a straight face when you’re wearing this hilarious Cinco De Mayo sombrero mask.

For about the price of a margarita, you’ll be the hit of the party. Insert photo-opps here!

5. I’m The Juan For You Party T-Shirt

Where my single fellas at? These play on words Cinco De Mayo shirts are the perfect way to break the ice at your friend’s party.

Serious bonus points if your name is John. Seriously. Who knows, maybe it’ll make you a love connection!

6. Cantina-Themed Collared Button-Up Cinco De Mayo Shirts

This collared shirt will take you from the golf-course to the after party, Cinco De Mayo style.

Funny and memorable… but buttoned-up, if you will.

7. Hairy Fake Stick-On Mustaches

You might get some margarita salt in your ‘stache… but otherwise, these are perfect for Cinco De Mayo.

Cheap, easy, and comes with extra for your friends.

8. Mexican Serape Style Ponchos (Buy Two + Make It His And Hers)

Cinco De Mayo attire doesn’t get any easier. Really. Think of it like a giant bib.

Just slip this on over whatever and you’re party-ready. Buy two and you’ve got matching his-and-hers party attire!

9. Pinata Themed Headband

Quick and easy option for the lads or ladies… this headband will turn heads.

Just slip this on, and assume your margarita drinking stance.

10. Cinco De Drinko Tank For Her

Look the part, but without a gimmicky costume.

This ladies tank will be one you’ll pull out of the closet year after year – just for the laughs.

11. I’d Hit That Cinco De Mayo T-Shirt

For a Cinco De Mayo party crowd with a good sense of humor, this tee is a sure winner. Caution. May not go over well with strangers.

At the risk of being distasteful, we’ll end our list here.

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