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White Lie Shirt Ideas: Funny White Lies Ideas (For Guys and Girls)

If You’re Headed To A White Lies Party, Chances Are You Need A Shirt In A Hurry. You Probably Need A Fabric Marker As Well. Then It’s Just A Matter Of Selecting Your White Lie!

Read on for some seriously funny white lie party shirt ideas. White lie parties are a great way to express your wit and display your personality. If you’re struggling to come up with white lie shirt ideas, we think you’ll find a great one among the options below.

If you don’t find your perfect white lie, we think our list will at least get your creative juices flowing, to help you nail the ideal white lie for your party shirt!

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We have everything you need! And that’s not a white lie.

The best white lies at the party are definitely going to be DIY… and bonus points if they are super specific to the person (and the people who are going to the party)…

To get you started, we’ve rounded up some great white lie ready shirt options for guys and girls, and you can order most of them to ship quickly.

Funny White Lies For Girls – White Lies Shirt Ideas

I’ll Meet You Out

I’ll Be There In 5 Minutes

I’m A Good Driver

Trust Me.

I’m 100% Over My Ex

I’ll Meet You There

I’m Fine.

I Wasn’t Checking You Out

I’ll Be Ready In 5 Minutes

I’m Not That Drunk

I’ll Never Leave You On Read

My Phone Died

I Don’t Believe In Love At First Sight

I’ll Venmo You

I Hate Fast Food

I Only Date Vegans

I Love Melania Trump

I Never Day Drink

You Can Beat Me At Beer Pong

I Don’t Have Daddy Issues

I Won’t Tell A Soul

I Hate Attention

I Hate Beer

I Just Say ‘No’

I Already Have A Boyfriend

I’ve Never Laughed So Hard I Peed

Excellent At Math

I’m Not With Him.

Funny White Lies Ideas For Guys

I Deleted Tinder

Let’s Stop Seeing Other People

Sorry, I Don’t Date Blondes

I Never Kiss And Tell

My Favorite Food Is Salad

Drugs Aren’t Worth It

I Love Figure Skating

I’m Not With Her.

I’m Totally Sober Enough To Drive

No, I’ve Never Seen Her Before

I Won’t Ghost You

I Would Never Do That To You

Have My Shit Together

I Never Eat Taco Bell


Donald Trump Is My Hero

I Don’t Drink During The Week

I Clean My Bathroom

I Workout 7 Days A Week

You Can Beat Me At Beer Pong

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