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How To Host A Festivus Party: Your Guide To Hosting The Perfect Seinfeld Anti-Holiday

4 Steps For Hosting The Perfect Festivus Themed Party:

A successful (and “Seinfeld-accurate”) Festivus party is all in the details! We’ve pulled together a comprehensive guide for anyone who’d like to host a ‘Festivus For The Rest Of Us’ gathering this Holiday season. If you’re wondering how to host a Festivus party, we’ve got you covered!

  1. The first essential item for a Festivus Party is one key piece of decor: the Festivus Pole!
  2. Serve a proper Festivus dinner. The food and drink are very clear, according to the infamous Seinfeld Episode.
  3. Include an ‘Airing of Grievances’ tradition over dinner. We have some ideas on how to keep things light and fun in this regard.
  4. Festivus ends with a final tradition: ‘Feats Of Strength’. And Festivus is not over until the honoree pins the host in a wrestle.

Follow these guidelines to get in your ‘Festivus For The Rest Of Us’ planning groove!

Read on for all the details you should consider; and learn how to host a Festivus party your guests will never forget!

But first… you should know some of the basics of this Seinfeld / Costanza Family anti-Holiday.

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Festivus Party Basics: What Is Festivus?

The ‘Festivus’ is a Seinfeld holiday, made up by George Costanza’s father Frank (a character in the Seinfeld sitcom).

This anti-holiday celebration has taken on a life of its own for fans of the show, and we’re here to break down all the details you need to know to host a proper Festivus party (that will put all others to shame)!

When Is Festivus?

If you’re wondering ‘when is Festivus?’ – it’s easy to remember. It always takes place on the same day every year. Festivus is celebrated every year on the 23rd of December… the day before Christmas Eve.

This event is also known as ‘A Festivus For The Rest Of Us’. George’s father Frank created the holiday after a particularly embarrassing display of consumerism, which overcame his holiday spirit one year. So George grew up celebrating Festivus (instead of Christmas), and introduces the tradition to his friends.

Which Seinfeld Episode Is The Festivus Episode?

Festivus is referred to in multiple episodes, but episode 10 in Season 9 of the show, “The Strike”, is the episode that popularized the holiday.

The Festivus Episode of Seinfeld

If you don’t have time (or don’t want to) watch the entire episode, we’ve curated all of the most important Festivus holiday details you’ll want to highlight if you’re planning to host a Festivus party!

Watch here for the official Seinfeld Festivus Compilation, if you need a refresher:

Festivus Party Traditions

There are a number of traditions that accompany a proper Festivus celebration, so knowing these can help hosts weave true-to-the-show traditions into their Festivus party plans!

The Festivus Airing Of Grievances

According to the celebration of Festivus depicted on the show, the Festivus dinner includes a tradition known as ‘the airing of greivances’. This is when all at the party have a tell-all chance to let others know how they let them down over the course of that particular year.

It’s like a ‘roast’ of sorts, but a shortened version – and directed at everyone at the party vs. just one person.

To keep this tradition fun / funny and “light” in mood, you could have guests write their grievances on slips of paper before dinner, and then the host (or another) could read them aloud… and guests can try to guess who it’s about and who wrote it.

In other words, you could make an event of letting guests try to guess who was let down, and by whom, based on the description of the grievance depicted on a given slip of paper.

Festivus ‘Feats Of Strength’ Tradition

This tradtion is left mostly to the imagination in the show… but the idea is this: at the end of the Festivus dinner, the host declares who the ‘Feats Of Strength’ honor goes to that year.

This honoree is then expected to wrestle with the host, and Festivus is “not over” until the honoree successfully “pins” the host.

A Suggested Variation For Hosting Festivus ‘Feats Of Strength’

Wrestling may not be a practical (or desired) part of your party plan, so we suggest asking for volunteers who want to participate, and tweaking the tradition by making it an arm-wrestle.

As Festivus host, you could turn the traditional ‘Feats Of Strength’ wrestling match into an organized arm-wrestling bracket after dinner…

We think you should offer prizes for the winners as well!

We have a LOT of ideas for Festivus party favors and gifts or prizes for your ‘Feats Of Strength’ winners, but those are the subject of another post. Click here if you’d like to see our roundup!

Festivus Attire For Hosts

If you’ve been invited to a Festivus party, and you’re not sure what to wear, be sure to check out our ‘what to wear’ round-up of the best and funniest Festivus shirts and sweaters around!

For hosts, we think any of these options are host-worthy Festivus attire!

Seinfeld Logo Style Festivus T-Shirt

This tee is host-worthy and will set the tone for your Festivus party with the Seinfeld-style logo design!

Festivus Miracle Shirt

This hilarious tee declares you the Festivus Miracle, and we think as Festivus party host, that’s a proper title!

I Celebrate Festivus T-Shirt

Available in both Men’s and Women’s fits (and multiple colors), this shirt is a no-nonsense and funny declaration of your Festivus spirit!

Festivus Party Host Apron

Nothing says ‘Festivus Party Host’ faster than an on-theme apron worn as you prepare the meal for your guests!

Festivus Party Decorations

When you’re hosting a party as fun as a Festivus party, you should have the decor to match. We know that you have to keep it simple (after all, it’s the anti-holiday)… but we have a couple of ideas for easy party decor that will make your event feel pulled together!

Happy Festivus Party Decor

This holiday colored banner will instantly convert your space for the occasion.

‘Happy Festivus’ Customizable Banner

This simple banner is available in your choice of colors, and several different font styles.

‘Happy Festivus’ Wall Tapestry

This would make a great backdrop behind the designated arm wrestling table for your Festivus Feats Of Strength festivities!

Festivus Party Ideas

If you’re wondering how to host a true-to-the-show Festivus party that will really stand out, here are a couple of ideas. A little planning ahead of time, and you’ll have some key party details to take your event to the next level!

The Festivus Pole

The # 1 Requirement For A Festivus Party Host Is To Display A Proper Festivus Pole

No Festivus party is complete without a proper Festivus Pole! This is the very best option for a statement display that we could find. It’s 7 feet tall, so it’s sure to serve as a focal point at the party, but requires no decorating… because after all, Frank finds tinsel distracting.

This one is marketed as a flagpole, but it makes a perfect Festivus pole. Simply remove the 2 flag attachment pieces, and you’ve got yourself an ideal Festivus pole!

With a 1″ diameter, this will work with just about any flagpole stand (or rig up your xmas tree base to hold it in place)!

The Festivus Dinner Table

The scene is set. George’s mother emerges from the kitchen and calls everyone to dinner. It’s a super simple table setting… a pale blue tablecloth, simple white dishes and wine glasses. Isn’t that the point of an anti-holiday, that there isn’t room for too much decorating?

Recreate The Actual Tablescape From The Festivus Episode

Anyone who is a true Festivus fan will appreciate that you’ve set your table to match the setting in the show.

Start with this basic, pale blue tablecloth… just like George’s mother used.

Festivus Games

Plan Some Festivus-Related Activities

If you’re looking for a more structured party activity, there are several games available for this theme. Consider testing your guests Seinfeld trivia with an on-theme game during cocktail hour… before the main Festivus traditions (the airing of grievances and feats of strength) are enjoyed.

Seinfeld Festivus - A Board Game

Seinfeld Festivus Board Game

This Festivus specific game is perfect for the ‘rest of us’. Ideal for a more intimate gathering of Festivus lovers.

For a wider-range of Seinfeld trivia, try the Funko Seinfeld game. This is sure to break the ice during cocktail hour – and give guests a way to showcase their knowledge of the show before “the Festivus games” begin!

Funko Seinfeld Game

This game is not Festivus specific, but it will test your guests knowledge of the show you know and love.

Festivus Party Food + Drink

Festivus Party Menu:

The Festivus menu is very clearly defined by the official Festivus episode:

Meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Festivus Party Cocktail:

Wine (or something in wine glasses)

While a die-hard will serve it up just like George’s mother did, we can imagine a modern twist to the Festivus menu. Think mini-meatloaf skewers (or meatballs), and a modern green bean dish to please a crowd.

You can make this meal what you wish, but we think you should stray as little as possible from the actual items on the menu.

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