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Home » Galentines Day Gift Box: 11 Festive Ideas To Fill A Galentines Gift Box

Galentines Day Gift Box: 11 Festive Ideas To Fill A Galentines Gift Box

What Better Way To Remind Your Bestie How Much You Appreciate Them, Than A Galentines Day Gift Box?

Filled with festive, thoughtful contents – you’ll create a customized gift that your bestie will love and remember.

Galentines Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the special ladies in your life. What better way to show them how much you care than with a customized galentines day gift box, filled with things specifically chosen for them?

Contents can range from DIY items like sweet treats or homemade gifts, with one or two purchased items to pamper them and make them feel special.

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Ready to pamper your favorite gals? Here are our top picks for your Galentines Day gift box:

1. Rosé Eye Patches

What girl doesn’t love a good eye patch?

With multiple individually wrapped sets, you can gift the whole box, or split them up for your whole girl crew!

2. Individually Wrapped Shower Steamers

There’s only one problem… which ones are you going to save for yourself?

Pamper you girls with a shower steamer, in the scent you know they’d love most!

3. Friendship Poems Book

This sweet book is a thoughtful addition to any Galentines Day gift box.

A gift she’ll come back to over the years, and you can leave a sweet note of appreciation for your friendship inside the front cover.

4. Rose Quartz Facial Roller

If your bestie doesn’t already have one, she’s going to be tickled pink with this galentines day gift box addition!

Super affordable, you’re going to want to order one for yourself as well!

5. Rose Lip + Skin Salve

Tried and true, this 3-pack of rose salve is handy, thoughtful, and on-theme for a Galentine’s Day gift box.

Gentle, and safe for even sensitive skin.

6. Sweet Pair Of Blue Blocking Glasses

Taking good care of your bestie includes her eyes!

Any gal with a screen-heavy job, or a Netflix binge habit will appreciate this thoughtful gift in a Galentines box. This pair is highly rated, and affordable to boot!

7. Travel Zipper Bag Trio With Lots Of Heart(s)

We think your bestie will love these heart-filled travel pouches.

Whether for toiletries, or organizing her work bag… they’re a great additional to your DIY Galentines Day gift box.

8. Inexpensive, But Fun Highlighting Stick

Highlight and countour stick for your favorite girlfriends – perfect for the Galentine’s Day gift exchange!

For the price, this contouring stick is versatile for most skin tones, and highly rated by users!

9. Funny Bestie Mug

‘I’d shank a bitch’ mug is sure to elicit laughs from your crew, and will be put to good use for coffee after your late nights together!

Fill it with your bestie’s favorite sweet treat, and it’s the perfect addition to your Galentines day gift box.

10. Amor Handmade Soap Set

Gorgeous bar soaps like these are a treat.

These are sure to be enjoyed by whomever you gift them to (and their guests)! Memorable, consumable, and the brand (Amor) is on-theme for Galentine’s Day!

11. Lavender Weighted Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are underrated.

Your bestie is sure to appreciate this sweet galentine’s day gift box treat for her peepers. Don’t we all need an excuse to rest a bit?

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