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Encanto Party Ideas: Inspiration For An Enchanted Encanto Birthday!

If you have a child with their sights set on an Encanto themed birthday party, you should know that it’s more than just butterflies and a specific color scheme.

This movie is a vibe. We’ve rounded up the best Encanto themed party ideas so you can nail this party theme in style!

It’s one of the most popular new party themes for kids… and it’s a movie with a message that will touch everyone; young and old! If you’re in need of some Encanto party ideas, you’re in the right place.

Despite dealing with tough themes, the movie Encanto emphasizes finding love in the ordinary, and realizing that you don’t have to be extraordinary to be deserving of love and to be an important part of your family and community. What better message to highlight as the basis for a party theme?

It’s no wonder that so many children have been captivated by this story, and we’re here to help bring you the very best Encanto party ideas to make sure you can pull together a memorable event without breaking the bank! Read on for our top Encanto party ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to a most memorable Encanto themed party!

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Encanto Party Ideas: Decorations To Set An Enchanted Mood

The first step in creating that ‘Encanto’ vibe is setting the scene with your party decor. These party decorations ooze with the perfect color scheme and magical feeling details, without being too cliché.

Paper Flower Party Decor With Encanto Themed Color Scheme

Keep those plastic-y vibes at bay with this colorful set of paper flowers for your Encanto party decor!

These make beautiful party accents, whether you hang them, attach them to the wall, or display them table-top!

Encanto Themed Party Decor Set: Including On-Theme Flower + Mylar Balloons, Golden Butterflies + An Isabella!

Get fancy with this SERIOUSLY spot on party decor for an Encanto birthday!

Featuring Isabella, this balloon set is made of foil/mylar and includes multiple sized golden butterfly stickers.

Golden Butterfly Cutouts

This pack of 72 pcs – shiny metallic butterfly wall stickies, will transform your party space in all the right magical ways.

Available in several color schemes, you get so many in this affordable pack, you might even be able to have them double as party favors!

Encanto Themed Birthday Party Banners

Want to instantly transform your space with Encanto themed touches? This party-ready banner + swirls set is just what you need!

Place Encanto themed party swirls wherever you want to highlight your party space, and the banner makes the perfect photo backdrop for your birthday kiddo!

Purple Glitter Photo Backdrop

At 5 ft. x 7 ft., this photo backdrop will take your party pix to the next level.

Gather your little party goers in front of this Glitter and confetti backdrop (with the perfect purple hue!), and this budget friendly backdrop will make for the most memorable Encanto party photos.

Encanto Party Ideas: Dressing The Part

The right party outfit can take your birthday boy or girl’s theme to the next level. Heck, the whole family can participate if you really want to go all out!

We have some darling Encanto party-ready attire options to inspire your party look!

Mirabel Costume For Encanto Birthday Girl

This party-ready outfit will be perfect for your Encanto themed birthday, but will see plenty of dress up play when the party is over!

Also available in Isabel’s style, you have multiple characters to choose from!

Darling Mirabel Encanto Costume For Baby Girl

Your baby girl will be Encanto party ready in this darling onsie with skirt dress.

Whether it’s an Encanto party for her (or an older sibling), or maybe even Halloween… this costume choice could not be cuter!

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Encanto Themed Shirt

If Mom or Dad (or a supportive sibling) want to dress on-theme, this ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ T-Shirt Is party perfect!

Available in Men’s, Women’s and youth sizing!

The Sweetest Isabel Or Maribel Party Shoes

Your Birthday Girl’s outfit will be complete with either the Maribel or Isabela version of these darling Encanto party shoes!

Available in sizes from toddler to little kid, these will be used for dress up play long after the party’s over!

Boys (or Men’s) Bruno Costume For Encanto Party

If you’re throwing an Encanto party for a boy, this Bruno cloak will make your birthday boy party-ready!

This is also available in Men’s sizing, in case Dad wants to dress the part for the party, too.

Encanto Themed Birthday Party Supplies + Party Favors

These on-theme party supplies carry Encanto vibes without being tacky. You’ll please the birthday boy or girl, but without any plastic-y, contrived party vibes.

Encanto Style Butterfly Party Plates + Napkins Set

With service for 24 guests, you’ll have dinner/dessert plates and napkins covered!

These have just the right Encanto themed vibes without being over-the-top.

Cupcake Toppers For Encanto Themed Birthday

Made of thick cardstock paper (not plastic!) these are cupcake-ready, and will make simple store bought or homemade cupcakes into Encanto-themed centerpices!

Affordable, and featuring all the favorite characters from the movie, you’ll delight boys and girls alike!

Set of 20 Party Ribbon Wands As Encanto Themed Party Activity + Favors!

Young party people will all enjoy these party ribbons as a party activity, and the magical vibes are fit for an Encanto theme!

These will keep excited party kiddos busy and active while they wait for cake… and they can take them home as a party favor!

Encanto Themed Party Napkins – Set of 16

If you want to highlight the characters from the movie, but don’t want to overdo the Encanto “theme”, pair these party-ready Encanto napkins with solid colored, simple party plates!

Everyone’s happy.

Encanto Birthday Party Supplies – Plates, Cups and Napkins Set

It doesn’t get easier than this party supply set, to dial up the Encanto vibes for your birthday party!

This set goes “all out” on Encanto vibes, featuring dinner and cake plates, party napkins and cups.

Encanto Themed Party Favor Bags

Send your Encanto enthusiasts home with a goodie bag that’s on-theme. Made of fabric (not plastic!), these zipper pouches will come in handy for storing the contents of their choice after the party’s over!

We’re pretty sure everyone loves a useful party favor.

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